Images via  Style Me Pretty

Images via Style Me Pretty

This is the first post of my Inspiring Moms Series. The women that will be featured are all amazingly talented, with an unmatched sense of style. They have managed to create successful businesses all while taking care of their families and little ones. They are moms, entrepreneurs and bloggers who have influenced me personally. Here we go!


Emily Ley is someone who has been a true inspiration to me in many ways over the years. Her business Emily Ley, is a brand who inspires women to implement joy and simplicity into their lives. She's the creator of the gorgeous daily planner called The Simplified Planner, The EL Playbook - resources for the well-loved brand, and is now author of her first book - Grace Not Perfection. She is also a key speaker at the Making Things Happen conference twice a year.

Emily has built a creative business with purpose. Her branding is perfection - modern and preppy with crisp, bright, happy colors. Emily also has a huge heart and it shows in everything she does. She started her business so that she could work from home to spend more time with her baby. Her story captured the hearts of many a few years ago when she courageously shared her struggle with infertility. She now has a little boy and twins!

We met exactly two years ago, at the Making Things Happen Conference (more on this amazing conference in another post).  I was hoping to get the chance to meet her but at a conference of about 80 women, I didn't have high expectations. Ironically, I was sitting outside the airport after landing in North Carolina when we met. After a couple of minutes I glanced to my right and realized I was sitting right next to Emily! You could say I was almost a little star struck. I introduced myself and we had a wonderful chat. I confided in her about a few things and she was exactly what you would imagine her to be - sweet, kind and encouraging. Her words of encouragement meant so much, especially coming from her. It was a low period for me and she gave me the hope I truly needed at that time. That conversation was one of the major highlights of my trip but stayed with me long after. It changed my view on my situation and I felt more positive and hopeful moving forward. I honestly felt it was meant to be, meeting her sitting on that bench that day, and still do.

Emily is truly one of the most genuine, kind-hearted and inspirational women I've ever met. You can read more about her story, here!

I'd love to know, who would be on your Inspiring Moms list?