Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming. There are so many websites out there it's hard to decide on which products to buy. I chose a couple of people to stick to for advice, mostly my sister as she already has two little ones and we have mostly the same taste.

With all the information out there, I also wanted to keep things organized. In my spare time I did a lot of research online, so I saved my favorite websites and resources in a folder on my iPad called 'Pregnancy'.

1. Pinterest: Naturally Pinterest is at the top of the list! To also keep things organized here, I created different folders such as "Baby Wish List", "Maternity and Family", "Mom Stuff", "Nurseries + Kids Rooms", "Baby Showers", "Kids Parties", "Kids Style" and a secret "Pregnancy" board for more personal articles.

2. The Wise Baby: This was my go-to for all the best modern products. I referred to it often mostly on Pinterest and saved their pins in my "Baby Wish List" folder.

3. Etsy: You can find anything on Etsy! I saved lots of items for her nursery and personalized items like baby blankets. 

4. Baby Center: This was my number one resource for any information or advice I needed regarding my pregnancy and preparing for baby. I used it a lot in the first few months after Ella was born as well. They have tools and an app which is great for new moms who want to connect with other moms.

5. Baby List: For my baby shower registry, I used Baby List. Baby List allows you to add items from your registry from any store. I didn't want to stick to the typical local baby store for my entire list, so I loved this concept. It also gave my guests the convenience of making their purchases online or at the store closest to them. The app also made it really easy to update and make changes. Not only can you add baby gear or products, you can personalize your registry to add gift cards or babysitting services.

What are some of your favorite resources when preparing for your baby?