Like a lot of moms, I started a secret Pinterest board for my baby's nursery when I was pregnant. Well if I'm honest, I was saving pictures of nursery rooms long before that! I've always loved them and couldn't wait to decorate it for our little one before she arrived. You can see my Nursery + Kids Rooms board on Pinterest here.

I love modern, neutral nurseries: grey, taupe or black and white nurseries. On the flip side I'm also drawn to soft, feminine decor: pink and floral accents. When the time came, the color palette was still an easy decision and I chose grey, beige and white with gold accents, maybe with a soft pink here and there. As for the theme, I wanted it to be whimsical and dreamy with the focus on stars. To give you an idea of my vision, above is a mood board I created with some of the images that inspired me.

Since I was obsessed with white rooms, we had the room painted white. It was also fitting seeing as the space is on the small side and I wanted it to be bright. All of her furniture is also white. I picked up a few items: a grey star pillow, beige jelly cat, grey star wall stickers to name a few...but unfortunately never got to properly decorate her room before she arrived. I probably could have completed it, but I made my priority organizing the rest of our house first. I knew having a baby would accumulate a lot more 'stuff' and that I wouldn't have as much time to keep things in order after the baby arrived. So even though I didn't complete the decorating aspect, her room was painted, furnished and we had everything we needed for the baby, so I was happy with that.

Back to the nursery. A few months after Ella was born, I started to see her little personality form. She was so dainty and feminine. Really sweet and always smiling. I started to feel like the color palette and theme didn't fit her personality at all. Even though these are colors that I love. So I decided to change the theme all together. I want it to be a true reflection of her and also for her to be happy when she's there.

I have a pretty good idea of the new color palette and theme. I'm excited to start planning it and am looking forward to sharing it with you.

What's your baby's nursery theme and color palette? How did you decide on it? I'd love to hear!