Image via  Monika Hibbs

Image via Monika Hibbs

I've always loved everything to do with organizing, whether it be at home or at work, or in the way I plan things. That's not to say I don't have moments or certain areas in my life where it's a bit more of a struggle to keep things in order, like most people. For me, I'll admit it's usually been in more difficult when it comes to my wardrobe. So. many. clothes.

They say the first year you should get used to your home not being so organized and just let it go. Of course my priority is taking care of Ella and making sure she gets everything she needs. So I've had to learn to accept that it's ok if the house isn't spotless at the end of each day.

Before the baby arrived I did a major clean up getting rid of a lot of stuff. However, now being almost into a year with a baby, you can imagine how much more has accumulated. I've been pretty good about doing laundry though, especially when it comes to Ella's things. Earlier this year I saw Emily Ley's post about throwing in a load of laundry every morning, as part of her 30 Days of Simplicity challenge. By incorporating this tip into my daily routine, it's been a huge help!

As a new mom, I can say that getting organized involves two things: 1. stick to a cleaning schedule as best as you can and 2. making sure everything has it's place. I'm learning that a huge help is getting things done after the baby goes to sleep for the night. She has an early bedtime, so after she's asleep I try to get the dishes and kitchen in order and mop the floors (now that she's crawling ALL OVER the place!).

What are your tips for keeping the house in order with a little one? For now, I'll continue with what I know works. Little by little friends!