Planning for your baby's birthday or a holiday dinner party this season is a lot on it's own. I wanted the perfect dress for Ella's party and was set on either grey or pink. Luckily I found a cute pink tutu dress a few days before, but that was the last thing I needed to focus on so close to the party.

To avoid any additional stress or rushing around, I plan to buy Ella's holiday dress way in advance (lesson learned!). I'm not really into they traditional red Christmas dresses. So here are my fave picks for neutral dresses this holiday season! I must say the Gap definitely has the best options. Where are your favorite places to buy dresses for your baby girl?

1. Cable Kit Sweater Dress |  2. Grey Sparkle Dress 3. Cozy Polka Dot Jumper

4. Intarsia Swan Tutu Dress  5. Grey Tutu Dress